How Do I Know If I Need My Air Duct Work Cleaned or Replaced?

Posted on December 10, 2012

air duct cleaning and replacement glendale azThe duct work of any home or business is the virtual highway to the air we breathe daily. Whether it is duct work inside your home or office, many people don’t realize how critical this system is to keeping people healthy and ensure the home or business environment is positive for any occupants. But even if the person living in the home truly understands these potential issues of living in a home or working in a building with dirty or broken-down ductwork, many consumers simply don’t know whether they should be cleaned or if they need to be replaced.

Any home or business owner should always begin with a quality inspection from a licensed HVAC professional to determine whether or not the ductwork should be cleaned or replaced.

This is a critical step to knowing whether to have your ductwork cleaned or replaced. Although you might be able to know what signs to look for it might be difficult for you to access the ductwork inside your home or business location. And if you can access it – where do you begin? Here are a few things that a licensed HVAC professional will look for with your ductwork to determine whether or not it can be cleaned or needs to be replaced.

  • Crushed Duct Work & Air Leaks. You may not even know that you’re losing money month after month on your energy bills. With faulty air ducts that may be crushed or have leaks you’ll be losing money unknowingly! In addition to money lost is even more critical, your air quality may be compromised. If your air ducts do in fact have leaks or are crushed then there is a chance that additional dust, mold, humidity or other toxins like carbon monoxide or radon gas or pesticides may be entering your home.
  • Dirt Build Up in Duct Work & Near Air Registers. As air continues to flow through your air ducts it is inevitable that dirt, dust & pollen get trapped. Home maintenance includes your air ducts and will make a big impact on indoor air quality (depending on how long it’s been sense your last cleaning). By having your ducts cleaned to remove build up has many health benefits by reducing the allergens.
  • Poor Duct Work Design and Architecture. The way the duct system is laid out in your home or office can make a big impact on how well your space is being cooled or heated – depending on what time of year it is. It’s not uncommon for contractors to overlook the important details of the installation of duct system, which can lead to leaks, low energy efficiency, higher energy bills, or poor air quality. A contractor should be using a system specifically to assist with the layout of the duct system like Manual D.

These three areas are the biggest ones that HVAC professionals look towards to determine whether the ductwork can be cleaned or needs to be replaced. The one constant however is how important it is for any home owner or business owner to understand how critical having a clean duct system is to maintain good health. A properly functional ductwork system can increase the quality of life for anybody who occupies these buildings for long periods of time.

If you’re unsure about the health of your air duct work, you’re not alone. We’d be happy to help you identify the status of your air ducts, provide the appropriate cleaning if necessary or help you to understand the best way to get your air ducts replaced. It’s critical to stay on top of the area of home maintenance as it can truly affect the health of you and your family. If you have more questions about ducts, out team is here to answer any question you may have, Call (623) 209-8333.